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Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 RK8

clipped from bikepoint.com.au
Suzuki has a lot at stake when it decided to revise the Hayabusa, and Guy Allen reckons they got it just about right...

Suzuki's much-awaited update of the legendary Haybusa performance bike.

Love of hate the styling (we like it), it's a sharper tool and very much in the 'Busa tradition.

One of the catches with producing a cult bike is the owners become deeply possessive of the brand and suspicious of change. So to some extent Suzuki was taking some risks when the inevitable update for the Hayabusa came along.

What we've ended up with is new styling that mixes GSX-R and Hayabusa influences, upgraded mechanicals and an improved chassis, while keeping the price much the same as it was.

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clipped from bikepoint.com.au

In the engine department, the 32-bit processor has been given more grunt, claiming finer throttle control as part of its brief. Unusually, the company decided to stroke the powerplant rather than bore it, adding 2mm to the specs. That gives it the 1340 capacity (up from 1299cc), while the compression has been lifted from 11:1 to 12.5:1. New shot-peened conrods are in place, to go with the redesigned alloy pistons. Valve sizes have been kept the same (33mm intake and 27.5mm exhaust) though the material has been changed over to titanium.

The last most significant change is for the fuel injection, which runs a variation of the corporate dual throttle valve design with two rather than one injector per cylinder.

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