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Intro: Against the grain

BMW K1200 RQuite simply, the most powerful roadster on the market. We have to ask just what bug bit the designers at BMW to provoke them to launch this bike, as it goes completely against current market trends. The marque known for attracting forty-something is sending out to dealers a bike that was completely unexpected. A villainous four cylinder machine that is completely irrational.

BMW K1200 RThis is far from being a mild copy of an Italian or Japanese design. G+BMW is once again setting itself apart through its unique sense of style.
It is difficult to know how to describe it really. The K1200R is huge and distorted. It has a number of surprising features like the lights, the stepped saddle and the brake light built in to the rear end.
It’s a feeling that is heightened by the design of the body panels. BMW is typically timid and afraid of showing its inner working, but in this case all is exposed. There are even two different colour choices for the engine!

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clipped from www.motorstv.com

Motorization: Performance and efficiency

BMW K1200 RThis is the first four-cylinder sports engine from BMW. Borrowed from the K1200S, it lacks nothing on the road up against its Japanese counterparts. 11.2mkg of torque at 8250rpm. The K1200R can accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds. The four cylinder engine is at its best at around 8000rpm, and unrestricted, it can unleash a total of 163hp, which could just be very dangerous for your license!

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