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BIKE SETUP - alignment with the simple device

clipped from bikepoint.com.au

We'll talk mostly about chain/belt drive bikes with twin-sided swingarms for this exercise, as you can alter their alignment with the simple device of altering the position of the chain adjusters.

The position of shaft drive bikes tends to be fixed, although some models (for example early K-series Bimmers) will allow adjustment via hub shims.

As for single-sided swingarm bikes, they too generally have a fixed alignment, which should be okay so long as it hasn't been crashed heavily, and the swingarm and wheel bearings are in good nick.

If you have a squiz at your conventional chain-drive bike, you'll see the back wheel's position can be altered with the adjusters. Whenever you tension the chain or move the wheel for any reason, you generally just line it up against the alignment marks stamped on the swingarm. If the axle is back three-and-half notches on one side, you make sure it's back three-and-a-half on the other. Simple.

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clipped from bikepoint.com.au

As we mentioned, this is probably fine for a late-model machine that hasn't been decked. But if you're fussy, you can double check it.

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