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BIKE SETUP - Wheel Alignment

clipped from bikepoint.com.au

All you'll ever need to know about keeping those wheels traveling in the same direction, from the pages of Australian Motorcycle Trader.

Now the drum here is that in an ideal world, both your bike wheels will, when travelling in a straight line, be heading in the same direction. If they're not, the machine is likely to be pulling to one side - or steering in one direction easier than the other. This makes the handling a bit ordinary and will reduce tyre life.

According to the folk at Sharptune, and some others we spoke to, it's relatively rare for people to do a wheel alignment on newer bikes these days mostly because the production tolerances have improved over time and the bike is likely to be pretty straight.

This wasn't always the case. Machines built up to even the mid-eighties were often not straight out of the crate.

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